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Platforming a fashion brand for the future

Establishing a customer segmentation to help build a unified, global brand strategy.

Australian Heritage Fashion Brand

How we used deep customer understanding to future-proof brand strategy.

As a beloved Australian brand with 90 years of history and a recent entry into the UK market, our client needed to establish a shared customer perspective, regionally fit for purpose whilst still providing a globally consistent language.

Our approach began with some qualitative mapping of the Fashion Landscape in Australia and the UK. Using industry experts, leading edge consumers (using the Verve Collective network) plus customers and non-customers we were able to shape an understanding of the key attitudes and unifying traits.

A quantitative survey then segmented the market, quantifying consumer needs, spending behaviours, competitor set and key opportunities for each segment. Ending with Activation workshops across key stakeholders and teams to bring the segments to life and embed them into the broader marketing plan.

This first ever consumer segmentation for UK and Australian markets ensured we could; strategically prioritise segments, define opportunities, jobs-to-be-done and target metrics to allow the brand to track future progress. ​

The segment insights were incorporated into a unifying strategy which supports the already established Brand Platform – ultimately energising the marketing team through a deeper understanding of the customer.

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