Our research methods span Artificial Intelligence, Human Intelligence and Cultural Intelligence.

From communities to cultural analysis, in-depth qual to the very latest in Gen AI, at Verve we develop the very best approach to meet your unique needs.

Advanced Analytics

We get more from data. Our in-house advanced analytics team interrogate quantitative and behavioural data to deliver robust and comprehensive insights for better business decisions.

Agile Pop-Up Communities

A group of your target audience are recruited with care and engaged for a fixed period. We pair skilled researchers with the power of digital technology to generate deeper insights.

AI Text & Image Analysis

Extract valuable insights from unstructured data with AI. We decode text and images at scale with in-built semiotic and psychographic frameworks, including our own proprietary framework.


Anthropology unlocks powerful, evergreen insights from consumer lives. We use anthropological frameworks and ethnography to uncover the deeper meaning behind objects and actions.

Behavioural Science

Behavioural science gets you closer to real consumer decision-making. We use behavioural science techniques to understand what is really driving behaviour and psychological principles to change it.

Digital Qual

Digital qual allows for more diverse and scalable participant engagement. We utilise the best digital tools and AI for broader reach and faster analysis, to give you better insights.

Digital Quant

Digital quant methods enable efficient and robust data collection. With access to large sample sizes and real-time data, we empower brand to make informed, data-driven decisions.


Ethnography captures authentic human experiences at the very moment they happen. We use digital and in-person ethnography to identify compelling moments of truth.

Face to Face Qual

Nothing beats the intimacy of face-to-face qual. From focus groups to depth interviews, in-home to in-store, our experts are skilled in the full range of face-to-face qual methods.

Gen AI Audience Simulations

We combine the power of generative AI with existing consumer data & insights to create life-like personas that can accurately predict consumer behaviours, attitudes, and needs.

Long Term Communities

Designed for always-on insight & empathy. Our Long-Term Communities offer the intimacy of in-depth qual, the scale of sophisticated quant and customer data integration.


Meaning matters. Our in-house commercial semioticians decode images, words, objects, and environments, expertly guiding brands in the most effective way to communicate.

Social Intelligence

Understanding the online world is vital in our digital age. We use cutting-edge technology and proprietary AI to gather and interpret online data at scale, at speed and in depth.

Trends Analysis

Consumers are influenced by the world around them. We use culture and trends analysis to explain the why behind the what and identify how consumer needs will evolve.


Create truly human-centred design by understanding user behaviour at each step of a journey. We develop dynamic UX across digital solutions, service design and product development.