We are proud partners of ambitious, leading brands.

We combine Artificial Intelligence, Human and Cultural understanding to deliver breakthrough insight that supports better business decisions.

We provide better answers to some of the trickiest business questions across brand & comms, innovation and customer experience. Helping you stay ahead of the competition.

Some examples of our work...

N Brown

How we unpicked the changing definitions of value to identify what customers need from fashion brands in tough economic times.


How we conducted a multi-stage research programme to better understand the TV buying journey from a shoppers perspective.


How we combined quant and UX research to help Samsung overcome barriers to Art Store subscription.


How combining traditional qualitative and quantitative methods with semiotics generated a clear priority of customer needs.


How we transformed Maersk’s Community Panel to supporting a re-focused strategic mission to become the leading end-to-end logistics provider.

Amazon Prime Video

How our agile community programme streamed live consumer insights from across Europe into Prime Video during the pandemic.


How our always-on Gen Z community helped H&M connect with young women and adapt to cultural changes in the fast-moving world of fashion


How, by combining a qualitative community, robust quantitative and accompanied shops, Waitrose unlocked current shopper perceptions.


How long-term communities help Shell stay close to consumers in disruptive times.


An enhanced long-term community and insight ecosystem connecting Samsung to consumers & culture like never before.


How we used digital communities and semiotics to emotionally connect with consumers and drive sustained growth in the juice category.

M&S Food

How an agile community programme enhanced M&S Food’s insight capabilities and raised the profile of the customer within the business.