[WATCH NOW] From Fashion to Fantasy: The eight style trends that define Gen Z culture

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By Charlotte Whittle

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Gen Z wardrobes open doors to other worlds. Faced with post-pandemic gloom, financial woes and climate anxiety, our conscious, creative and diverse youth are choosing to escape via style fantasies that represent who they are – and who they aspire to be.

Through cultural and semiotic analysis of social content and leading-edge consumers, along with AI analysis of 100s of looks, we explore how Gen Z across the globe uses fashion and beauty to escape the challenging realities of daily life.

We get beyond #cores to reveal eight trends deep-rooted in culture – from Stately Style to Fashionably Feral and Quaint Cuteness– style trends which truly define Gen Z.

In this webinar, our expert practitioners are preview the full insights published in the report. Explaining the psychological factors that underpin Gen Z style choices, and what this means for brands who want to meaningfully connect with the audience.

Covered in the webinar:

  • The challenging realities of a Gen Z audience – and how they use fashion to escape to style fantasies that reflect their true selves and aspirations.
  • 8 territories deep-rooted in culture; from Quaint Cuteness to Fashionably Feral and Stately Style – that truly define who Gen Z are today.
  • Exemplar profiles, media and brands that influence or are influenced by this resilient generation.
  • Recommendations for fashion and beauty brands on how to tap into these territories, to cut through and stay relevant.
  • And how AI can be used to transform real customer data to simulate consumer personas.

Report now available to download here

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