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Smart Tools

Our research specialisms are fuelled by smart tools, unique to Verve. Together, providing the depth and breadth needed to truly understand consumer behaviour in the context of changing culture. Get in Touch

The Ignite Collective

Our global network of cultural and creative individuals. Consciously living a values-driven lifestyle to the extreme – our Igniters enable us to get to the future first.

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Ignite AI

Our sophisticated AI tool allows us to de-code and track culture at scale. It analyses vast amounts of data - text and imagery - using both established psychological frameworks and our own proprietary framework.

Ignite Values Framework

Our universal cultural values framework, grounded in Schwartz and rigorously tested via qual and AI, enabling us to develop nuanced perspectives on how people think, feel and behave.


We expose the hidden forces that impact consumer decisions: the behavioural barriers consumers’ face; the cultural shifts you need to consider.

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Semiotic analysis deeply interrogates the use of images and words to understand what they mean to people and why. We help guide brands in their execution, using commercial semiotics to ensure they apply the right cues and signals in communications.

Culture & Trends

We know that consumers don’t operate in a vacuum; they influence, and are influenced by, the cultural world they operate in. By exploring culture and trends we explain the "why" behind the "what" that consumers tell us in primary research.

Behavioural Science

What consumers say is often different from what they do. Using behavioural science techniques, we uncover what is driving behaviour then identity psychological principles to encourage a behaviour change.

Social Intelligence

As our lives increasingly play out in online spaces, it’s essential to understand the virtual world. We gather and interpret online data to extract cultural meaning around human attitudes, lifestyles and behaviours.


We help brands create truly human-centred design by uncovering user behaviour at each step of a journey. Using bespoke methodologies, we develop dynamic user experiences into digital solutions, service-design or product development.

Advanced Quant & Analytics

Our data rich world enables us to make better decisions - but only if we know how to use it. We create holistic answers for the past, the present and the future by combining advanced analytics with the smartest quantitative research, behavioural science and AR.


Unlocking powerful, evergreen insights from consumer lifestyles. Anthropology uses observational techniques, including ethnography and filmmaking, to uncover the deeper meaning behind artefacts, environments and actions.

BRANDING & COMMS.The Truth about…Luxury for Gen Z

Our client – a global diamond manufacturer – wanted to understand how luxury perceptions are evolving within youth culture, to ensure their brand comms cut through the noise and effectively engaged this key demographic across China and the US.

Key lenses applied…

  • Culture at scale – semiotic analysis of 10s of 1000s of branded pieces of content from 35 luxury jewellery brands, using Ignite AI to identify clusters of cultural meaning and whitespace
  • In-depth engagement with 40 Gen Z members of our Ignite Collective, individuals who are passionate about different aspects of luxury x youth culture – from luxury cars and jewellery, to sneakers and NFTs. Sharing aspirations and evaluating branded communications
  • Identification of the brand’s most distinctive assets and how to effectively deploy across marketing channels

INNOVATION.The future of TV-dramas

Equipping content creators with the tools to broaden the appeal and extend the longevity of well-established dramas. Marrying rich cultural insights with deep audience research to identify inspiringly workable solutions.

Key lenses applied…

  • Culture & Trends analysis of lifestyle trends, viewer data and social media conversation to identify new ways audiences will connect with content
  • Online community with 40 consumers and in-home ethno with 10 households – getting up close and personal with the lived audience experience
  • Semiotic analysis of TV-shows resonating with consumers today, from reality tv to period drama, pin pointing ways in which to evolve characters, setting and storylines to inherently appeal new audiences
  • Delivery of a toolkit for content creators that remains true to the genre whilst opening up to new and diverse audiences

BEHAVIOUR CHANGE.The Power to Change… Value perceptions in DIY

What are the new signifiers of value, when we’re in the grip of a cost of living crisis? We developed a new industry framework for delivering the feeling of ‘value’ to customers across categories and tiers; enabling our client to maintain their market leader positioning.

Key lenses applied...

  • Deep semiotic analysis of in-store environments, brochures, websites and social media of our client and competitors in the trade and DIY space, unpicking everything from uniforms to online UX, to identify ways ‘value’ is manifesting
  • Quant survey with 500 trade consumers and 500 DIY customers to measure how audiences think and talk about value in the context of the category
  • Delivery of a ‘Value’ toolkit, featuring new codes and cues to dial up, to effectively cue value across all brand touchpoints in the end-to-end customer journey


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