We have built Verve around the firm belief that the best answers come from viewing a problem through multiple lenses.

Through Verve’s three pillars: We integrate multiple data source, creating diversity of thinking to ensure we generate insights that positively impact businesses and consumers.

Combining inside-out and outside-in insight methodologies with diverse, authentic consumer opinions and the power of digital data, we ensure you’re getting the whole picture.


We know that consumers don’t operate in a vacuum; they both influence & are influenced by the cultural world they live within. To stay successful, businesses need to respond to these social and cultural cues.

Our specialist Ignite team decode culture.

Fusing specialist expertise, vast knowledge networks, a sophisticated AI tool and a global network of cultural and creative individuals, we enable brands stay relevant in a changing world.

We look at the top-down forces across the virtual and physical worlds that shape our thinking, explaining the "why" which sits deep behind the ‘what’ consumers tell us in primary research.


We expose the hidden forces that impact consumer decisions: the behavioural barriers consumers’ face; the cultural shifts you need to consider.

With our in-house Ignite specialists sitting across semiotics, macro-trends, social intelligence, behavioural science and anthropology, we look at anything and everything that can influence people.

Unpacking the top-down forces from the physical and digital worlds which shape human attitudes, lifestyles and behaviours, extracting cultural meaning, unlocking powerful evergreen insights and getting to the ‘why’.

Smart tools

The Ignite team’s specialisms are fuelled by smart tools, unique to Verve.

From The Ignite Collective - our global network of cultural and creative individuals – to our sophisticated Ignite AI tool, designed to decode content at scale, and our Cultural Values Framework, we provide the depth and breadth needed to truly understand consumer behaviour in the context of changing culture.

Long-term communities

A private, bespoke approach focused on long-term insight and learning. Bringing together the intimacy of in-depth qualitative research, the scale of sophisticated quant and the veracity of behavioural data.

24/7 access to a fully profiled, carefully curated group of your target audience –consumer & B2B, national & international.

Membership of 1,000 to 300,000+ people allowing deep, targeted qual insight and robust, representative quant feedback.

Relevant conversations via a versatile toolkit of research activities, online, on-mobile and offline. From quick tactical answers to deep immersion work.

Comprehensive range of online and on-mobile qualitative, quantitative and co-creation approaches.

Triangulation of behavioural, transactional, profiling and research data.

Service to suit you – from self to full and many stops in between.

Verve’s Global Networks

Continuing to attract genuine, authentic and engaged participants into research is a challenge for the insight industry.

Verve is leading the way in shaping new models of research that bring real people into insight in a long-term, sustainable way.

This process has started with Verve’s Global networks.

Voices – target driven mainstream audiences

We’ve curated our own verified, diverse, and engaged network of people who are ready and willing to take part in research projects. Voices enables us to understand opinions, behaviours, and experiences from the mass market.

CoLab – hard to engage audiences

We know not all audiences are easy to find and take part in mainstream research. We create collabs/collectives around hard to reach audiences (e.g. Gen Z, Leading Edge, B2B) to make research a better, more reciprocal experience.

Ignite Collective – values driven audience

For fresh perspectives and outside-of-the-box thinking we need to look beyond the mass market and to the outliers.

Our global network of cultural and creative individuals. Consciously living a values-driven lifestyle to the extreme – The Ignite Collective open our eyes to new and diverse thinking.

They show us what could be.

Smart Digital Insight

The new demands of business mean shorter timelines and increased pressure to demonstrate ROI from insight. Efficiency is everything, but it should never come at the expense of real insight.

Verve is built to deliver both.

We use the latest thinking and smart digital and offline approaches to unlock big challenges. And we do so within your ever-shrinking deadlines.

With a grounding in primary research expertise, we understand the value of established approaches, but also know when to stretch to new methods that genuinely offer something better (and not just ‘different’).

Our team includes experts in everything from qualitative digital ethnography, chats/groups, and immersions through to quantitative predictive modelling, segmentation and driver analysis.

We will select the right approach for your specific challenge, optimising the time you have available. Creating genuine value and maximum efficiency through leveraging the power of multiple lenses, data fusion, social intelligence and AI tools.

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Advanced Quant & Analytics

Our data rich world enables us to make better decisions - but only if we know how to use it.

We create holistic answers for the past, the present and the future by combining the smartest quantitative research methodologies with large datasets.

Whether unpacking behavioural data or choice modelling in immersive environments, we go the extra mile to augment techniques with behavioural science and AR to create more contextualised insights and accurate forecasts of the future.

Social Intelligence

Social intelligence uniquely enables us to tackle complex questions in a holistic way.

Leveraging the value of the incredibly rich, but messy social datasets, we explore and interpret online happenings, extracting cultural meaning by searching far and wide and looking over time, before drilling into the nuances and shifts of social data.

Using a combination of AI & human analysis, we apply specialist lenses and frameworks from our semiotics and cultural experts to provide granular insights into specific trends, end-to-end customer journeys and niche audiences.

Ignite AI

Decode anything, understand more.

Our sophisticated AI toolkit allows us to unlock the value from messy unstructured data. The tool makes sense of vast amounts of data using semiotic principles and our own proprietary values framework to read content and reveal hidden truths.

Any content, from any source, at any scale: Tik Tok videos, Instagram feeds, Amazon reviews, survey responses, packaging designs, focus group transcripts, YouTube clips, campaign creative, the list goes on.

Ignite AI goes further than social listening platforms and gets you deeper than primary research alone; emotion-led, qualitative insights given the robustness of quant measurement.

Combined with our consultancy expertise, Ignite AI helps you shape brands, products, concepts, packaging, websites & comms to maximum cultural and emotional effect.

Data Fusion

We don’t just ask questions, we observe behaviour and combine this with wider transactional, behavioural, and cultural data to get to bigger insights from more rounded data sets.

Sharper targeting and better validation of research results; improved explanatory power and understanding.

Activation of Insight

At the end of the day, our job is to make things happen in our client’s businesses. But sometimes facts alone are not enough; we need to engage, inspire and connect.

We create powerful ways to embed research within organisations. Using reports & whitepapers, films & immersions, physical & digital books and presentations & workshops, we craft powerful stories that balance structure and emotion.

Enabling stakeholders to act on insights. To connect with the people behind the insights. And to be inspired to feel it, not just know it.

Customer Closeness

For all the advances in technology, research and analytics, many businesses still feel increasingly remote from their customers.

Our Closeness programmes help businesses reconnect with real people; to see things with fresh eyes, to reappraise, to build empathy and, ultimately, to have better ideas.

We do this by creating extraordinary experiences; taking stakeholders out of their normal environments and into the worlds occupied by customers, figuratively and literally.

Combining playful exercises with serious conversations, small & large scale, in-person & online, and with outputs that inspire everyone across the business, we will make your customer closeness programme the most impactful business activity your stakeholders participate in this year.

People & Planet

The future of the planet starts with people.

By putting people into the heart of the conversation, we help businesses navigate the labyrinth of ESG to guide solid actions for achieving ESG goals.

Verve’s specialist consultancy practice applies our cutting-edge approaches to data collection and analysis, talking with people other agencies can’t reach, and combining this with our diverse research skillset and expertise in culture and trends, we deliver ESG insight for the future.

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