Verve have launched Ignite AI – an AI-driven consultancy offer.

Scanning messy, unstructured data from any source – social media, reviews, photos, survey responses, packaging design – ignite AI summarises data to reveal implicit emotions, cultural codes and overarching patterns at scale.

Experts add an all-important layer of human interpretation and evaluation that delivers powerful insights for brands. Verve’s proprietary psychological framework lies at the heart of Ignite AI with a set of universal human values that explain behaviour, needs and expectations for a greater understanding of what brands or consumers stand for.

Ignite AI is the latest specialism from ignite@VERVE, following its launch in 2022. The Ignite team blend traditional research with innovative methodologies to ‘supercharge insight’ for strategy and innovation. Combining smart tools and research methodologies to satisfy the demand for powerful, future-proofed consumer insight.

Executive Director and Ignite lead, Kelly McKnight, says:

“2022 was an incredible first year for Ignite. We’re all buoyed by the positive response we’ve had from clients and proud of the work we’ve done. I’m excited to build on that success with the launch of Ignite AI – the frameworks we have built make Ignite AI a game changer. It’s another powerful addition to our toolkit, getting us beyond asking people questions, to land on truly holistic insights for our clients”

To find out more about Ignite AI watch this clip or visit www.addvervecom/ignite.