After a long build up, it feels like this is the year that businesses of all colours and stripes are taking a hard look at their sustainability agendas and thinking: ‘what more could we do?’. Good question – and one that many have struggled to answer.

Being in the business of using consumer truths to unlock commercial growth, we turned to the general public for inspiration.

More specifically, we spoke to 20 individuals from different walks of life to understand what sustainability means to them – and how it shapes (or doesn’t) the decisions they make in their daily lives. From the entrepreneurial owner of an eco-hotel in Bali to a musician grappling with recycling in Texas, the individuals we spoke to have a range of experiences and needs when it comes to sustainable living – but all have an opinion on how businesses and brands could help them on their way.

We’ve condensed these beautiful stories into ten succinct ‘rules’ for businesses to follow, as they look to develop sustainable initiatives that feel authentic and resonate with consumers.

Empowering Sustainable Lives - 10 new rules for sustainable businesses report cover

Empowering Sustainable Lives

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