Verve, the experts in culture, communities and smart digital insight have appointed Jason Buchanan to set up Verve Collaborations – a new business unit which will provide engaging communities, collaborations and collectives of people for the next generation of inspiring insight.

The first of these will be The Ignite Collective - a global community of creative minds, cultural curators and leading-edge individuals with a wide range of perspectives and life experiences which will help inform “The Future of...” type work. Recent joiner Cherry Huang will work with Jason to build out The Ignite Collective globally, supporting an exciting range of upcoming projects.

Buchanan comments:

“The continued focus on speed and price of the “sample” marketplaces has led to respondents being treated like mechanical inputs into a machine – rather than like human beings. This creates some terrible experiences of research for people and begs the question “who would actually want to take part in research done in this way”? It is not sustainable, and it does not deliver quality insight.”

Buchanan continues:

“At Verve Collaborations we are doing the opposite - we are developing premium approaches which will make participation in the research process exciting, stimulating and sustainable for all. We have bold plans that I am thrilled to be part of”

Andrew Cooper comments:

“Jason and I plan to disrupt the way in which high quality qual and, to some extent, quant research, is undertaken. Now is the time for substantial change in the research fieldwork industry”