Specialisms Specialist smart, agile, approaches to customer understanding

Innovation Understanding human needs, developing better products and services

Traditional research approaches are too inflexible to properly influence innovation.

We integrate digital approaches with design thinking, helping you develop ideas at speed and keeping human needs at the heart of every stage of your innovation.

How do we do it?

  1. Map territories and understand unmet needs
  2. Develop compelling and relevant concepts
  3. Drive more successful launches

Design Thinking has transformed the way business does Innovation development. As your innovation process spins faster, we help you keep pace.


Brand Development
Customer Experience
Customer Closeness

Brand Development Reaching and connecting with your market

The best strategy work starts with a deep understanding of commercial and category dynamics. We start with a microscopic understanding of behaviours and motivations and use this – along with ‘critical community friends’ - to help brands grow.

How do we do it?

  1. Explore what the brand does for people
  2. Understand how to translate brand identity into great experiences
  3. Establish how the brand can connect with people

In a world of dynamic relationships between consumers and brands, we make it easy to learn about what people are saying and doing and understand what they want from you.

Customer Experience Delighting your customers

Customer Satisfaction measurement is no use until it drives action. It starts with customers uncovering pain-points and moments of delight.

We combine measurement, diagnosis and action, exploring what the customer needs and setting an action-plan.

How do we do it?

  1. Define good and bad
  2. Prescribe where to make a difference
  3. Act to retain and build relationships

It’s not enough just to know something has happened, we help you understand why and what to do about it.

Customer Closeness Knowing your customers and markets

Businesses increasingly feel disconnected from the people and lives behind research, making it harder to be distinctive, disruptive and innovative.

Immersing businesses in the lives and needs of real people can make a huge difference, building empathy and inspiring new ideas.

How do we do it?

  1. Bring existing insights to life, helping them to go viral in the business
  2. Empower staff to collect insights and consider implications
  3. Work with customers to build ideas and solve problems

We work as part of your extended team, bringing the expertise, technology and energy to build deep connections with your customers.