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Pop-Up Communities
Long-term Community
Integrating Data
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Long-term Community Panels

Verve Community Panels bring together the intimacy of in-depth qualitative research, the scale of sophisticated quant and panels, and the veracity of behavioural data, meaning we deliver smarter research and more powerful insight ecosystems:

  • Built on our best-in-class Community Panel platform P1
  • Two-way integration of client data supporting better sampling, analysis & understanding
  • Direct access to non-customer/market samples via our Voices Community Panel
  • Comprehensive range of online and on-mobile qualitative, quantitative and co-creation approaches
  • From full service to supported self-serve and loads of options in between
  • Established frameworks for supporting a range of insight requirements

Verve Community Panels mean no more siloed projects, claimed behaviour, participants as sample and slow ‘project’ processes. It’s like having a group of your customers in a room next door, who you can talk to whenever you want, about whatever you want, quickly, cost-effectively and in joined-up a way!

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Integrating Data

More and more data are produced all the time about customers and their attitudes and behaviours. But how useful is it?

Ad-hoc, research panels and communities often don’t connect to customer data; while data sources like media exposure and purchase panels can’t provide answers to the ‘why’.

We combine regular feeds of behavioural and transactional data with ‘always on’ research capability, enabling our clients to learn from more rounded data sets.

What does this mean?

  • Sharper targeting and better validation of research results
  • More frequent profiling of customer segments by attitude
  • Deeper profiling of customers who switch segment
  • Improved explanatory power on changes in behaviour
  • Sizing value of new concepts by linking to behavioural segmentation
  • Identification of markers that lead to behaviour change, sizing at-risk cohorts
  • Understanding which win-back approaches have the best impact
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Elevating the Communication of Insight

Insight has no value unless it gets used. However, research often doesn’t focus enough on communication or it’s thought about at the wrong time - after the work is completed.

Our approach is different.

  • We develop an overarching strategy for best practice insight communication
  • We form a clear plan to execute it on a project-by-project basis
  • We don’t assume long-form PowerPoint decks are the only way to reach people
  • Use digital techniques to improve how insight is shared and engaged with

So, whether it’s an insight broadcasting tool that enables all of your business to quickly skim, dip or dive into stories they might find interesting (like Tinder for business!) or digital immersions with 1000’s of stakeholders, we deliver insight communication that gives your stakeholders the emotional incentive to act.

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