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Pop-Up Communities
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Long-term Community Panels

Our long-term community panels combine the intimacy of small communities with the scale of sophisticated panels; like having a group of your customers in a room next door, who you can talk to whenever you want, about whatever you want, in a sophisticated, joined-up way.

This gives us the best of both worlds: deep, qualitative insight targeted at exactly the right members, plus large-scale quantitative research delivering credible results to inform decision making. And with the option to have 500-350,000 members and no cost-per-complete, the only determinate of size is your needs!

The foundation of our community panels is data integration – overlaying transactional and behavioural data allows us to support on-going research among hundreds of discrete, targetable sub-populations for sampling and analysis.

And with the option to gather insight in three ways: Self-Serve (for simple questions); Best Practice (for repeat needs) and Bespoke (for deep-dive tactical and strategic projects), you have the ideal solution for running long-term programmes of insight in a smart, flexible way.

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Integrating Data

More and more data is produced all the time about customers and their attitudes and behaviours. However, ad-hoc, research panels and communities often don’t connect to customer data; while data sources like media exposure and purchase panels can’t provide the ‘why’.

The role of market research / insight should be to provide holistic learning, not just adding another data point into the mix - we solve this via our integrated community research.

By combining regular feeds of behavioural and transactional data with our ‘always on’ research capability, we can provide the most holistic view. Supported every step of the way, we focus on the use-cases and vision for your Integrated Community, with a guided, step-by-step process.

What does this mean?

  1. Sharper targeting and better validation of results
  2. Improved explanatory power on changes in loyalty / purchase behaviour
  3. Identification of the markers that tend to lead to a change in behaviour
  4. Size the potential future/ at risk cohorts, plus an understanding of what encouragements or win-back approaches have best impact
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Elevating the Communication of Insight

Insight has no value unless it gets used. However, traditional insight approaches often don’t focus enough on communication or it’s thought about at the wrong time, i.e. after the research is completed.

Our approach is different. We work with our clients to develop an overarching strategy for best practice insight communication with a clear plan for how this is executed on a project-by-project basis. We don’t assume long-form PowerPoint decks are the only way to reach people, we do use modern digital techniques to improve how insight is shared and engaged with.

So, whether it’s an insight broadcasting tool that enables all of your business to quickly skim, dip or dive into stories they might find interesting (like tinder for business!) or digital immersions with 1000’s of stakeholders, we deliver insight communication that gives your stakeholders the emotional incentive to act.

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