Such a clear, focussed and actionable report – which has allowed our creative team to move forward with a clear understanding of the consumer viewpoint. Your feedback was immensely helpful and such a good example how Verve can provide agile, actionable and timely insights.

Business Challenge

Since 2003, innocent have been urging customers to choose ‘Goodness’. Functionally making natural, delicious stuff and helping people and the planet live well.

The commitment to doing good had extended beyond their delicious drinks through to charity and sustainability however others had started following a similar path. They wanted to find a way to better communicate and articulate their brand ethos, in a way that resonates and is relevant to consumers.

They set to work, with company execs, communication gurus and customers collaborating to re-express the ground truth fit for 2021. To make it compelling, authentic and rooted in evidence.

Verve joined the band to push the customer voice.


A community, convened for a one-week sprint. Bringing in 50 VIP customers to shape the concept.

Qualifiers to find the right customers, pre-tasks to warm up and add context then overnight feedback on the four winning concepts.


Clear guidance on the new brand motto, the concepts and the content.

  • How to talk about goodness in way which resonates with consumers – covering tone-of-voice and narrative
  • Established a set of principles/ playbook to aid future idea development
  • Detailed creative guidance on each ‘manifesto’ highlighting what worked and what should be optimised


Set the tone and direction for the new brand motto launching in Spring 2021.

Shaped the creative development of new visual identity and audio, as well as optimising the creative.