Research Manager or Associate Director


Salary £35-50,000 pro rata
Location - open

Would you like to live anywhere in the world, working for a minimum of 2 weeks per month on a London salary, while undertaking career developing and exciting research for world class clients?

If so - come and join the “Verve Flex Team”!

Verve’s model of always-on, agile, online insight has demonstrated how a digital approach can continue to deliver great, commercial insight in these challenging times and far beyond. Over the last 6 months, we have continued to grow our revenue and client base, which is testament to our great technology-based research approaches and fantastic team of researchers, of whom we are immensely proud.

Verve’s model of always-on, agile, online insight has demonstrated how a digital approach can continue to deliver great, commercial insight in these challenging times and far beyond. Over the last 6 months, we have continued to grow our revenue and client base, which is testament to our great technology-based research approaches and fantastic team of researchers, of whom we are immensely proud.

Objectives of the Verve Flex Team

  • Deliver great quality work for clients from anywhere in the world, to clients anywhere in the world
  • Provide a new flexible working model for an exciting new research team at Verve (Verve Flex)
  • Provide Verve with a guaranteed number of weeks of work per month, but with the ability for that to be flexed up by a pre-agreed amount each month should demand require it

How does the Verve Flex model work?

Job sharing, whereby two people do 2.5 days per week to make up a 5 day working week has been around for a long time, and works for certain types of roles.

At Verve we see the post Covid world providing the opportunity for a different version of this model to work well for our project based research model.

Rather than employ one person for 4 weeks per month and require them to travel to a central London office and then work overtime to deal with increases in client demand we want to do things differently.

We would like to employ two people for a committed two weeks work per month, with an agreement for a third paid week if client demands require. One person will work the first two weeks on the month running specific projects and then hand over to their work “buddy” who works the second two weeks of the month.

However, if there is a lot of work on both buddies may work up to three weeks in the month – creating 6 weeks of available capacity.

The benefits for Verve Flex team members are:

  • London based salary committed for two week per month with no commute costs or commute time.
  • Live anywhere in the world (with good internet connection) – which often means this 2 weeks of salary would be enough to pay for a months’ worth of living!
  • A third week of potential work each month, to pay for fun things or savings
  • A fourth week per month to do whatever you please in whatever lovely part of the world you choose to live

We are looking for someone who…

  • Is passionate about the possibilities of a new flexible working model to allow them to live a new lifestyle, almost wherever in the world they wish
  • Wishes to work c. 2 weeks each month, but with the ability to flex and increase their hours as opportunities arise

You will have…

  • At least 3 years’ experience of working in a full-service market research agency in the UK, France or Germany.
  • Experience across a range of industry sectors and quantitative & qualitative methodologies
  • A desire to work autonomously and collaboratively from a remote location
  • Experience working in an environment with a lot of pace, responsive to ever changing client needs, iterative working and juggling multiple responsibilities at once to deadlines
  • Strong report-writing skills and the ability to create a story independently
  • The enthusiasm to deliver great research and the passion & experience to build client relationships
  • A desire to grow and get involved in wider business decisions and participate in strategic developments in the company
  • Additional language skills: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin or others

What we offer…

  • Competitive salary at a London rate, with the freedom to be based anywhere
  • A fixed contract of 2 weeks per month, with the opportunity to increase to additional days as opportunities arise
  • A can-do team environment where everyone is empowered to be all that they can be.
  • The opportunity to continue developing a your career in a successful business at a time of significant change and uncertainty for the research industry in general.
  • This is not a swap of a career path for a lifestyle one – this is an opportunity to have a both!

To apply: Please send your cv and covering letter explaining why this position can work for you to

Closing date for applications is 21st September 2020

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Who we are

We are the agile insight and community panel specialist. We partner with the likes of Samsung, Virgin, Barclays, Innocent, Uber and Walgreens Boots Alliance to deliver smarter, more customer centric insight, communicated in more inspirational ways.

What makes us different?

Smarter planning of research processes and practical, commercial thought leadership.

We use commonly adopted technology to gather richer, deeper, better insight and integrate multiple data sources to deliver more in-depth, rounded and robust insight.

We undertake more iterative learning journeys meaning you can ask, think, learn...then ask again. Plus, we make it easier to involve customers at the beginning, middle and end of a decision-making process — like having them in the room next door.

We communicate insight in emotionally engaging ways, thinking about how we’ll share it at the very beginning of a project or programme, not at the end.

Our approach is dynamic and entrepreneurial in spirit, delivered with spark, passion and above all — Verve!

We are culture-driven, ambitious and we give our team lots of opportunities to champion new initiatives, learn, progress and be visible.

Whether qualitative or quantitative, B2B or B2C, online or face-to-face, we offer a huge range of solutions to support our clients and deliver smart, customer-centric insight.

We look for people from a variety of research backgrounds who understand what drives consumer behaviour and attitudes – going beyond the stated, to their underlying needs, motivations and aspirations. It’s serious stuff, but we like to have fun along the way!

If you’re interested in a career in research at Verve, get in touch.

Our Community Management team are at the forefront of all community panel activities, ensuring that our hundreds of thousands of members enjoy being part of what we do. After all, without our community members, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the actionable, customer-driven insight that our clients have come to expect.

There are various different roles within the team from Project Manager, to Senior Community Manager, all the way up to Director.

If you think you would be a good fit for our Community Management team, get in touch.

Our Operations team are the backbone of what we do, covering Data Processing, Scripting, QA, and even our own in-house Design team. As a one-stop-shop, Ops play a crucial role in designing surveys, developing our extensive suite of bespoke research tools and understanding data composition in context, to allow for meaningful analysis and reporting.

If you’re interested in a career in Scripting, Data Processing or Quality Assurance, get in touch.

Verve graduates have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in our client work from day 1, meaning they have more exposure and responsibility than other more traditional training schemes.

Supporting, empowering and helping our graduates to develop means they’ve added significant value and growth to our business – which is why we now run graduate days throughout the year.

We look for people with a keen interest in our industry and a willingness to learn; graduates who have initiative and ambition, who are entrepreneurial but enjoy working within a skilled and mutually supportive team.

Next estimated graduate day: January 2020.

If you want to be part of the next graduate day, get in touch.

How we grow together

People make our business. If our people learn, progress and grow – so will our business. We therefore know how important it is to offer our team the best development opportunities.

Verve Academy is one of our learning initiatives – it covers over 50 internal and external training sessions, teaching a range of skills across the whole business.

We’re proud that the programme was a finalist in the 2018 MRS Operations awards!

What we get up to

Axe throwing
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