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Verve’s Community Panel approach

Talking to customers is a good thing. Put the customer voice at the heart of your business with a Community Panel from Verve.  It is like having a group of your customers in the room next door, whom you can talk to whenever you want about whatever you want, quickly and cost-effectively.

What is
a Community
Panel from Verve?

  • A private online space for you to have dialogue with your customers. Anything from a pop-up Community Panel of 50-100 to a permanent space for 100,000+.
  • Verve sets it up, recruits customers to take part and runs research (both qualitative and quantitative) on your behalf.
  • It can run in one or many countries, wherever your customers are.

The benefits
of a Community Panel from Verve

Our Community Panels change the way businesses do customer research. Stakeholders can immerse themselves in their customers’ shoes, whilst also being able to quantify opinion quickly. So not only is the customer voice brought to the heart of decision making but research becomes more agile, powerful and creative.

Bring your customers to life in your organisation.

Make customer centricity happen.

A more global view
of your customer

Integrating multiple data sets to create greater understanding.

data exchange

icon representing company databases


  • Transaction data
  • Customer profiles
  • Spend
  • Holdings
  • Segment flag

data exchange

icon representing community panels
  • The Community Panel becomes a location where members are not only engaged in a wide range of market research activities but is a means of aggregating survey data, with behavioural and personal data sources.

data exchange

icon representing member supplied data


  • Online tracking
  • Social media activity
  • Midata
  • Fitness device
  • Location tracking

Go Global

Run multi-lingual Community Panels across the world for a joined-up view of the customer across markets, countries and categories.

infographic showing a joined up view of the customer

Go to the full service specialist

Verve is the specialist in Community Panels for research. Verve has been purpose-built with the tools, people and technology to make a Community Panel really work for you and your stakeholders.

Innovate with Verve
Build better products and services through collaborative innovation with customers

Verve Innovation

Verve Innovation’s unique approach combines the best of community panels’ instant access to customers and research know-how to create the perfect innovation sandbox.

Where does your innovation start?

Our end to end framework can support you throughout some or all of the innovation process and at your own pace with bespoke programmes, 7 day or 24 hour feedback.