Verve's Annual Client Seminar 2017

Andrew Cooper
- 26 Jun 2017
Andrew Cooper
Verve's Annual Client Seminar 2017

Verve’s Annual Client Seminar 2017 - View the video

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Hannah Philips from Samsung tells us the 23,000 strong pan European community panel SmartLab+ is meeting the needs of a “relentlessly fast paced business”.

  • The ultimate in agile - 80% of projects turnaround within 2 weeks, the remainder sprinting from brief to report in 4 days.
  • A host of fast turnaround methodologies from immersion and pop-up communities to new product and ad testing, take place in local language.
  • Key to its success? The Knowledge Hub brings global stakeholders 24 hour access to latest insights, consumer videos and live discussions.
  • And it just keeps evolving, with innovation, multi-country expansion and big data integration in the pipeline.

For a quick 1 minute overview from the day of how Samsung are using a multi-country Community Panel approach, watch the video:

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Assisting John Lewis with enhancing customer loyalty via the Perspectives community

  • Much recent critical thinking has moved away from the traditional focus on customer loyalty. In his respected text, “How Brands Grow”, Professor Byron Sharpe used the principles of evidence-based marketing to evaluate customer loyalty across a number of categories, in the process developing a framework that suggested prioritising consistent emotional and rational reminders of a brand to consumers. While this is often simplified to the mantra “customer loyalty doesn’t exist”, those principles of evidence-based marketing can lead us to more nuanced conclusions.
  • John Lewis undertook a thorough, evidence-based strategic review that asked the question “Should we focus on our most loyal customers?”. With behavioural data backing up its commitment to being “never knowingly undersold”, living this through fantastic service, fair pricing and developing reciprocal relationships with customers, John Lewis found clear reasons to focus on its most loyal customers and continues to create new ones through its My JL reward scheme.
  • Via its partnership with Verve, John Lewis will be continuing to explore how to understand these most valuable customers and leverage their experience to further develop on-going loyalty among their wider customer base, researched using a variety of innovative techniques, conducted at retail pace.

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Big data and behaviour – Walgreen’s collaboration with Verve is delivering sophisticated opportunities for fusing transactional data with customer perceptions

Walgreen’s, the US retail giant and owner of Boots, have created the world’s largest online community, ‘Viewpoint’, in collaboration with Verve – with over 300,000 members and rising! Together, we have developed some dynamic and innovative approaches, to deliver insights that have tangible return on investment. One of the most exciting approaches created has been advanced behavioural targeting. By fusing sales data with community profile information, we can quickly build customer profiles without having to ask a single question! But, taking this to the next level, we can target specific customer sets (e.g. those who buy product x in conjunction with y, or those that tend to shop late nights at the weekend) and ask them about their behaviour in depth – using a mix of advanced quantitative and qualitative techniques. Once the insights have been generated, Walgreens subsequently deploy the necessary changes in their retail or online channel strategies, capture the purchase data and assess the impact. If necessary, the implementations can be iteratively optimised, until we arrive at a solution which benefits its customers and boosts Walgreens’ commercial performance.

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In-the-moment research for Virgin Atlantic means we are not relying on customer memories

  • Whilst we all know that asking people to report what they did last month often produces highly unreliable data, you may not know that asking people how they felt can also deliver questionable feedback! Thanks to Rich Preedy of Verve explaining Kahnemann’s peak-end rule we are psychologically enlightened – we remember an experience based on how we felt at its peak and its end, rather than the overall experience itself.
  • All is not lost! Britt Ashton from Virgin Atlantic shared compelling case studies as to how in-the-moment customer understanding enables Virgin Atlantic to get around the pitfalls of recall.
  • Using the VerveToGo App, long haul customers provide video, photo and written insight as they move through the stages of pre-trip planning, in-flight and arrival. Virgin Atlantic have used this to develop emotionally relevant customer communications and in-flight services.