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Research focused on your needs

Verve conducts full-service market research online, offline, qual, quant, mobile - utilizing the power of our clients' Community Panel assets.

At Verve it is our desire to be regarded as an extension of your team. We talk to your customers every day, we sit in your office every week, we really get to know you and deliver great work.

A Community Panel from Verve is at the heart of all kinds of better, more joined up, more timely research

Robust research to validate insights

Smaller qualitative focused Communities can be powerful tools for generating customer insight, closeness and understanding but they can struggle to demonstrate enough quantifiable data to give robust feedback and demonstrate ROI.

At Verve, we adopt a Community Panel model which includes both qualitative and quantitative research that delivers the benefits of a qualitative community with the ADDITION of robust, fast, cost-effective quantitative findings. This clearly demonstrates ROI and makes budgets go much further.

Community Panel research
from the tactical to the more strategic...


Quick turnaround answers to key questions. Immediate feedback on an idea. Questions that you normally couldn't answer through research.


Feedback on longer term and/or most important projects. Iterative insight, such as concept testing end-to-end. Outputs that will reach senior management.


Giving you a better idea of who your customers are. Broader lifestyle, as well as buying behavior. Emphasis on video and photo feedback.

A built-for-purpose
Community Panel platform

  • Community Panel design

  • Community Panel recruitment

  • Community Panel administration

  • Community Panel engagement

  • Community Panel research Quant & qual tools

  • Community Panel reporting Amplifying the customer voice to your business

All the elements you need

Verve’s platform has been built with all the tools needed for a thriving Community Panel. This includes a flexible toolkit of quantitative and qualitative research, compelling visual design and reporting (so you look good in front of your customers and colleagues), and tools for Community Panel recruitment and engagement (for a good member experience).

Some of Verve’s Community Panel tools

A rich research toolkit

Qualitative: moderated forums, online and face to face focus groups, multi-media uploads, qual communities, accompanied shops, in home U&A plus a wide range of film outputs.

Quantitative: online surveys, QA24 (answers to questions in 24 hours), quick polls.

A customer-friendly look
and feel

Branded Community Panel websites, updates, newsletters and survey invitations. Engagement tools: points systems, open forums, help desk and health reporting.

Robust banking-level security

Systems to ensure customer data security, quality IT systems, specialist penetration testing.

Integrated data

Advanced analytics and tools for combining behavioural and attitudinal data to get a more integrated customer view.

Additional participants

A source for additional research participants if and when you need them with Verve’s online research Community Panel, Verve Voices.

Evolution and innovation

Continual platform improvements, investment in new tools e.g. Verve AllDevice (online surveys that work on mobile, tablet etc.) and custom developed mobile apps.